Harvesting information, step by step, and how to use it

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Harvesting information, step by step, and how to use it Empty Harvesting information, step by step, and how to use it

Post by DeToXXX on Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:21 pm

*How to use one piece of information to find another
*Email, forums, and names
*Using search engines and other web tools
*Myspace, Facebook

How to use one piece of common public information to find more useful information

In most of my personal experiences a name is the first thing I have to work with, most of the time if a ‘target’️ is worth actually targeting you will be able to go far with just this one piece of information. Generally this is the same reason people do not change their password…because they like the one they have, it is easy convenient and actually people like to think their username is l33t, amazing and whatnot. If you have absolutely no other information about someone that their ‘handle’️ or name, then you have most likely met them in a game such as ‘WoW’️ or ‘Halo’️ or some other game. It does not matter if you have met your ‘target’️ online or on a game. Most times your ‘target’️ will be someone you have met on a forum; in this situation you should NOT skip the next step, even if you already have a email address or other info. The next step is to check their name as a email address in a search engine like google yahoo, and others search using this format with popular email hosting services target@gmail.com or target@yahoo.com hopefully this will bring up another forum at which they will have registered using that email, which is usually public info by default. Also if you notice someone has a not so common avatar (like a picture they probably made by themselves) right click then view picture to find the name, that is another good thing to search for to find that individual

[TIP] not all search engine yield the same results! For people who are serious searching multiple engines is a must[/TIP]

When a search on your target yields any information you should copy it to a .txt file for later use. If you find someone on forum information you should take a closer look at is the names of their friends, and, if possible, their friends email addresses. This could be used to spoof their friend’️s email. You could then email your target with a Trojan in the form of media that that person is most likely to use. EX: if you want to target someone who is registered on all the forums that are super anti hacking then send a file (bound with the Trojan) titled “new law legalizes hacking, New York Times!” or something like that, then proceed to ‘drop’️ familiar words into the email that person would expect from the person who you are spoofing. This is basically ‘spear phishing’️ and is the most effective.
MySpace and similar sites are a goldmine of information that should always be looked into. I like to search MySpace for a particular person by using the google search of site:http://www.myspace.com targetnamehere in the google search bar, NOT your URL bar.

[TIP] Google has many useful tools similar to the one above, I recommend buying a book on it to really remember a lot of them[/TIP]

If you have successfully gotten this far you probably have all the info you need but either because you might be a psychopath stalker, or just because I do not like to make assumptions, I will go into a little more detail on gathering further information.

How to use the previous information to find phone numbers and house addresses

Ok so now you have a little info such as a few emails, maybe their friends, and if you are lucky their name. Really if you don’️t have their name by now, and you really need it a safe bet might just be to ‘spear’️ phish it from them or just use a passcracker. If you do have their name then you can find out where they live, because it is public information, while you can find it for free I recommend http://www.peoplefiders.com because they really result in a lot of info. Also they allow you to see a search results page of what they have available to purchase before you do. If you are not willing to pay then you could use search engines to look up your targets house address and go from there. (You would have gotten their house address by looking up their ip address on http://whatismyipaddress.com) I wont go into getting that because there are already guides on that.

Links to guides to further info mentioned here

How to hack a email http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=16810
How to hack with an ip address http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2791

Hope this guide helps some people
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Harvesting information, step by step, and how to use it Empty Re: Harvesting information, step by step, and how to use it

Post by Ghostface on Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:21 pm

Seriously, who the fuck wants to read that much?

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