Is Emo a Stereotype?

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Is Emo a Stereotype? Empty Is Emo a Stereotype?

Post by iknowninja on Sun Feb 08, 2009 12:19 pm

NO! It is not. Emo is a genre of music. Anyone calling themselves "emo" bothers me because I just think they are posers and just kids causing attention. It doesn't make sense calling yourself emo. You're not music. Same goes for punk and hardcore. It is also ridiculous when backlash and forming anti-emo groups. Yes, people do bother in taking their time in hurting a group of kids that they stereotype to be emo. In 2008 a group attacked a group of teenagers in New Mexico. It is horrible! Stereotype needs to die.


I did have a moment (middle school) where I was ignorant and called myself emo and stereotyped other individuals. But now I know what is what and hopefully other people do also.

Word to your mom.

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Is Emo a Stereotype? Empty Re: Is Emo a Stereotype?

Post by Ghostface on Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:18 pm

Yea I tell people all the time to shut the hell up when they say "look at that emo kid over there." I tell them that somebody can't be emo. Most people still like to argue though that they can. Somebody who cuts there wrist is just fucking mentally retarded. I think that punk can be a stereotype though. Because punk can be music or a style of dress. But no one company thats fashion related makes a style called emo.

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